You’ve heard of the girl next door – 

well, Julia Rae is the girl you wish lived next door.

Every generation gives rise to an artist that can only be defined as “entertainer," one that can’t be pigeon holed into one artistic category.  They sing, write, act, dance and are often drawn to social activism.  Julia Rae is in this tradition, the new school to an old school idea.

Julia was born with a chronic lung disease, cystic fibrosis. At the age of 16, she founded her own non-profit, Singing at the Top of My Lungs, to fund music therapy programs and empower children facing challenges.

That same year “Be That Girl,” a song she recorded while in LA, was picked up as the feature song in the Brooke Shields, Kris Kristofferson movie The Greening of Whitney Brown.

She graduated from Fordham University and now splits her time between her hometown Philly, NYC, and LA.

Sure she was Miss Philadelphia. Sure she’s worked as a model and fashion spokesperson both on TV and online. Of course acting gigs. They come with the territory when one is an entertainer to the core. What gives it all depth is her passion and heart. Her savvy and instinct.

Julia Rae updates the “all American girl” for a new generation.